Welcome to MKI

Welcome to The McKnight Institute. When you're visiting MKI, you'll loose track of time. Hours and hours of visual and tactile experiences await!

At MKI, it's not just learning about how things are, it's about learning how things work. We don't show you an image with lots of text to demonstrate our exhibits. You actively participate inside the exhibits! Whether it's learning about aerodynamics through hitting golf balls or throwing baseballs, driving an experimental spaceship around the solar system, playing with steam pressure to power a factory, creating new adhesives, or driving a train up a mountain pass, your creativity is helping to run the exhibit.

Domino Garden Opens in Spring
Once the weather is warmer outside, MKI will open up its famous Domino Garden. Grab racks of dominos on pre-hinged tracks and set up your own pattern. Combine all the curves, straight paths you can get your hands on and make the shape as complex or as simple as you want. Then head up to the observation deck, pull the trip cord and watch your pattern unfold in front of you.