Exhibit 1
Water is Everywhere
With so much of the planet covered in water, we take it's presence for granted. It falls from the sky as rain, floats down as snow, makes the summers hot and humid, and cools us off as icy cold drinks. But why does this incredible substance do so much? YouÕll explore the three different states of water through the Solid Exhibit, Liquid Exhibit and Vapor Exhibit how each state directly impacts ever day or our lives.

Solid water? That must mean it's cold out side. You know what that means? Potholes. The ice and snow has to be removed from the streets. But in the process the big blades that scrape away at the pavement create nicks and cracks. The ice melts to water, freezes, and expands to displace the ground. You'll see in our Pothole machine how you can add liquid water to a crack in the pavement, quick freeze the ground, and then see how big the hole become.
Liquid water? Most flexible thermal conductive agent in the world. Play around with our Hot and Cold exhibit to see how much energy it takes to keep water hot or cold. The Pressure Hose area will let you shoot a jet of water at varying speed and PSI against plastic, wood, stone and steel. See how long it can take to make a hole through each substance with just plain water. Then add abrasive materials to give the water 'grit' and then see how long it takes to make those same holes!

Vapor? Steam was the sole reason behind the industrial revolution. The modern world we now live in today is because of steam. It was and still is, a viable power source. Learn how the simple steam coming off your coffee cup has kept the world turning for over 150 years.