Exhibit 4
Aeronautics Through Sports

Sure we can show you all the formula data you could ever want to read about how a golf ball stays aloft in the air. But does that mean anything to you? Why don't you try teeing off a golf ball at our Aerodynamics in Sport exhibit. You can see the ball leave the tee and have a computer projected flight path illustrate the dynamics of force, impact, velocity, acceleration and friction.

But, it's not just indents in round shapes that make things fly. Raised surfaces like seams on a baseball can change predictable flight paths. You'll learn about the subtle mix of art and science behind how throw a knuckleball that will float and dance on the way to the plate. Curveballs, sinkers, split fingers will all be explained. The best part is you get to throw these pitches with specially marked baseballs that tell you where to put your fingers on the ball. You can even see on our pitching machines how the big leaguers throw those pitches at up to 100 miles an hour!