TV Producer | Demo

I've been producing award-winning TV commercials, radio commercials, sales videos, music videos, DRTV and more for over 20 years. During that time I've had a lot of fun and worked with some great creative teams, directors and celebrities. I've honed my skills and know with certainty I can apply them to any media out there!

Take a break and check out some of the spots I've worked on: The first link is to my demo reel which features a montage followed by some full-length commercials. The next two are some older but classic spots I wanted to include here too: a "funniest spot in the world" and a spot that was part of the Seattle Sonics TV campaign that pretty much won every award there is in the advertising arena.

demo_reel TV_demo_reel funniest_tv_spot FX_funniest_spot Sonic_tv_spot Sonics_tv_spot
Joyce Walker Montage
+ Demo Reel
FX Network spot honored in "Funniest Commercials in the World" TV show "Nate", one of 10 spots from
the vastly award-winning
Sonics TV Campaign