What Is This Stuff?

What you’re about to read are Sound Bites From My Soul, gathered from over 13 years of communication with and connection to that higher, wiser part of my Self that tapped into the Universal Place of Knowing – the ever-flowing river of wisdom that exists above and beyond the clutter and chatter of our minds….in other words, the “wee small voice within.”

I initially came to access this information during a time when my life was rooted in pain, fear, confusion, frustration and longing for life to be so different from what it was.  I was incredibly lost and seeking a resolution to the premise that “there’s got to be more to life than this!”
It was this seeking that created the space that allowed the wisdom to be heard above my mind’s clatter.

To get the most out of the entries that are going to be posted here, you, too, will need to create a clearing for new ideas to enter in order for these truths to offer any steadiness to your life.

Because peace cannot occupy a turbulent body;
Clarity cannot exist in a confused consciousness;
And acceptance cannot be allowed in a closed mind.


So take these insights, observations and truths and use them in your times of confusion, anguish and despair.  You will find that when you hold a question or situation in your mind, you will be guided to the “right” post – the post where, — if you are open to receive it — the message you most need to see will be miraculously right there, in front of your very eyes.

I hope that these words will serve to lift – if even for a moment – the clouds of confusion and clatter so that you can breathe freely and stand bravely in the face of the truth.

You will need to trust that you know truth when you see it.  Look to your body for signs – a chill, a calmness, a spontaneous exhalation – these are signs that you have connected with the part of you that “knows.” It will recognize that none of this is new information, but rather a re-connection to truths once held and known and practiced.

So let’s go.  It will be in the act of letting go that one will find the peace, calm and bliss that is standing there, waiting behind the worry, anger, frustration and fears.  Behind the letting go will be the Sound Bites From My Soul, offering you the guidance you need, just like it was offered to me.